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    Ross Lazér

    Yakko swooped in as my savior on a rails project. In less than an hour he had be understanding complex database and model relationships that I could not grasp before talking with him. I would highly recommend Yakko if you are looking for someone that cannot only write great scalable code, but is also able to explain it and help other team members understand it as well. I recommend him without reservation.

    April 24, 2012
    from: Syracuse, New York
    work: J.P Morgan Chase (Business Systems Analyst)
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    James MacLeod

    Was really struggling to work through a problem, and "Yakko" came to my rescue. Was more than willing to spend 20 minutes with me to go through the problem and we got to the solution. I am an experienced developer myself and it is always great to have such knowledgable and friendly people in the community.

    March 27, 2012
    from: Southend-on-Sea
    work: Flow Media (Senior Web Developer)
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    Mikkel Bang

    Talented coder. Good design personified - this dude knows how to turn something complex into something simple - the first trait one should look for in a coder. On top of that, he's a great assett to the Ruby community, always friendly and helpful, even to those who can't give him anything in return. 5 out of 5 stars!

    March 21, 2012
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    Chad Stachowicz

    Thiago met me on #ror on IRC and helped me go from using my old terrible procedural techniques based around PHP and helped me see how much simpler rails was. He helped me for about 5 hours and my app is WAY better already. Thanks!

    February 26, 2012
    from: Charlotte, North Carolina
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    Fayimora Femi-Balogun

    I met Thiago in the #rubyonrails IRC channel. To be honest, I have never seen anyone so fast at detecting bugs, it feels like he knows everything. He took his time to understand the problems (numerous), showed me how he would have tackled them and then gave me more options that I could try out myself. At first I thought it was just one of those lucky days, but I noticed he continued offering help to several people in the same way. I must also say that he has a very strong grip/understanding of both Web Development and System Administration. If I had a company. I would simply make him my Chief Developer. :D

    February 15, 2012
    from: London
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    Evandro Magalhães

    É O CARA! Professor, analista, desenvolvedor, projetista e AMIGO! Recomendo pra qualquer trabalho de desenvolvimento/análise!

    February 07, 2012
    from: Cuiabá, Brazil
    work: Rede de Supermercados Modelo (DBA)
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    James Fend

    I would recommend Thiago just based on his ethics. Not to mention, his code resolutions are spot on with what's needed. I give him two thumbs up!

    February 04, 2012
    from: Nashville, Tennessee
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    Tim Booher

    Thiago has an excellent command of ruby and the rails framework. Additionally, he is an excellent communicator who possesses the ability to effectively communicate technical ideas to others. He is fluent with design patterns and metaprogramming in ruby as well as git and rails internals.

    January 28, 2012
    from: Alexandria, Virginia
    work: United States Air Force (Analyst)
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    Stefan Rotariu

    Thiago is a Rails pro. My go to guy for questions that are not in the documentations. Thank you sir!

    January 28, 2012
    from: Bucharest, Romania
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    Justin Lonas

    I met Thiago in the #rubyonrails IRC channel based on the well known Freenode IRC Server. He helped with quite a bit of my questions with Ruby on Rails and gave me very useful insight into how to better model my application. From what I have gathered from numerous conversations since then, he is well versed in writing readable and maintainable applications. Great individual to talk to and has awesome communication skills. He never turned away a question and always gave honest advice. If I ever had use for another developer, i'd definitely place him as one of my prime candidates.

    January 28, 2012
    from: Athens, Ohio
    work: Advanced E-Learning Solutions (E-Learning Development Specialist)
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    Mario Zigliotto

    Thiago and i met on IRC in #rubyonrails. Great guy! After a somewhat off-topic discussion regarding CoffeeScript and Javascript in the RoR channel came to an end i got a private message from Thiago. The message went something like "i was thinking about your code and came up with this"... Basically Thiago rewrote some of my code to make it clear. We talked for about 30 minutes via private message and went from a simple discussion of organizing javascript to Thiago explaining a BETTER way design pattern for developing/using ajax within rails apps. He linked me to a railscast that i had seen about 3 times prior but after our discussion i felt like it was something i'd never seen before and totally changed my perspective. Thanks a lot sir!

    January 24, 2012
    from: California
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    Dinesh Matta

    Thiago is a Ruby on Rails pro. This I can say when I met him first time on IRC network on discussion of how to use reverse ajax in Ruby on Rails application. So he gave me some good suggestion and helpfull links to proceed with using Reverse Ajax in my Rails application.

    January 16, 2012
    from: Mumbai, India
    work: Allerin Technologies (Rails Developer)
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    Stéphane Beladaci

    Thiago has a taste for work well done and a strong interest for proper architecture and design patterns related to the Flex framework. Thiago also efficiently leverages social network to connect with developers around the world, keep his knowledge up to date and extend his horizon for technology assessment being related to Flex, HTML5, Rails or any pertinent technology to get the job done.

    January 15, 2012
    from: San Jose, California
    work: VMware (Software Engineer (Adobe Flash/Flex))
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    Sarah Ottoni

    Ótimo programador, proativo e atualizado. Tem facilidade para desenvolver projetos/sistemas de maneira lógica e eficiente. Como designer, poderia dizer que ele é um programador que possui "senso estético", isso já facilita consideravelmente na hora de construir projetos com um bom layout. O fato de ser fluente em inglês também o ajuda a se manter atualizado frente a tantas novidades do mercado de softwares.

    January 13, 2012
    from: Goiânia
    work: Logos Educação (Designer Gráfico e Ilustradora)
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    José Ildefonso Fernandes Júnior

    O Thiago, teve a missão de me preparar para assumir o projeto de desenvolvimento do sistema da Multisoft. Em duas semanas, me transmitiu muito conhecimento, mais que o equivalente ao qual passei para me preparar e assumir a função, até então. Possui perfil de gestor de projetos, seu currículo prova isso. Suas capacidades e competências, para projetos de desenvolvimentos de sistema vão além das necessidades exigidas. Excelente profissional. As ferramentas ao qual trabalha são sempre atuais, compatíveis com as tendências de mercado. Isso porque não é acomodado e sempre busca formação para aprimorar seus conhecimentos. Ao se deparar com o currículo deste profissional, não atenha apenas na leitura. Dê a oportunidade, ao menos de uma conversa, para nivelar as necessidades da empresa, com as competências do Thiago. Tenho certeza que extrairá, ao menos, novas idéias para conduzir o projeto de sua empresa.

    January 04, 2012
    from: Río Verde
    work: Multisoft (Chief Developer)
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    Yuri Maximo da Silva

    ótimo profissional, acompanhei o trabalho dele na dekdu.com em 2006, dedicado e se esforça para aprofundar seus conhecimentos. Tem potencial para contribuir com o crescimento de qualquer empresa de tecnologia ligada à sua área.

    January 04, 2012
    from: São Paulo, Brazil
    work: Construteckma Engenharia (Dpto Financeiro)
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    Marcos Rosa

    Conheci Thiago quando trabalhei na Multisoft em 2007 e 2008, eu tinha acabado de sair da faculdade e programava em Java. Ele era responsavel pelo maior projeto da empresa e me ajudou a me adaptar a linguagem C#, tambem foi meu tutor na linguagem ActionScript e na framework Adobe Flex 3.0. Ele projetava geradores automaticos de codigo para criar componentes a partir dos modelos visando simplificar o sistema, o que agilizava o meu trabalho na camada de visao, e sempre usava formas interativas pra me ajudar a entender padrões de projeto, bancos de dados orientados a objetos, programacao assincrona (threads) e outros.

    January 02, 2012
    from: Goiânia
    work: Multisoft (Front Developer)


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